Solent Gateway Limited (SGL) partnered with the Ministry Of Defence (MOD) in a 35-year lease to become the Port Authority for the MODs’ only strategic logistic port, Marchwood Port; an 85-acre deep water port in Southampton’s Test Valley.

Key to this partnership is the introduction of commercial activities around the MOD’s shipping and the provision of global stevedoring services to operate overseas alongside the Army’s long-standing port and maritime regiments, 17 Port and Maritime Regiment and 165 Port and Maritime Regiment.

Why become a Sponsored Reserve?

Through a tough and arduous selection process, SGL Terminal Operatives are selected on suitability to become Army Reserve Stevedores whereby, they are required to train to fight, live and survive in the most challenging conditions found wherever the MOD is operating worldwide.

During business as usual, the SGL Terminal Operatives will provide support to routine commercial activities in the Port but when required, they jump into Army uniform and deploy overseas to reinforce the Army on operations. Deployments include Falkland Islands, Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe.

Not only are our people supporting the nation and its foreign policy, it provides another option for our people to diversify and try something different where one day they could be providing ship-to-shore humanitarian aid and disaster relief, to the next where they will be at home providing the care and due diligence to the logistic supply chain.

What are the benefits?

There are a vast number of opportunities and benefits open to the SGL Terminal Operatives, these include worldwide travel to exciting locations such as USA, Middle East & Africa; earning both civilian and military qualifications such as fork lift, crane and Cat C license.

Training opportunities include weekly fitness training to become “Army Fit”, weapons training, navigational training, CBRN training to name only a few. On top of the world class training, SGL Terminal Operatives will also be remunerated for their unique commitment which includes a joining bonus of £2300 and an annual training bonus on top of being competitively paid.


Working for Solent Gateway can provide you with fantastic opportunities to undertake adventures and travel the world as an Army Reserve, whilst being paid a competitive salary.

We are looking forward to building a strong working partnership with the Army at Marchwood and are now in position to actively start recruiting key people.

Although the majority of the time these employees will be based in a civilian port operator role at Marchwood, there will be occasions when they are mobilised as Army Reservists. Once mobilised, they will deploy with 165 Port and Maritime Regiment, Royal Logistics Corp.

Want to know more?

We are also looking for a number of specialist civilian posts in commercial operations, business analysis, health and safety and human resources

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